Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just to Make Your Day

This makes up for a lot of the hard parts of being a parent:
He may be the cutest baby ever.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Skye!

Our sweet Skye turned 7! Here are some interesting facts about Skye:
*Skye can climb anything (you can often find her up our Sycamore, on top of the playset, or climbing the basketball standard).
*Skye has a loving heart. She is my biggest helper and takes better care of Nathan than I do;-)
*Skye is an artist.
*Skye is joyful.

A few weeks ago Skye wrote several poems. They have great illustrations, but I thought I would just share the text.

The Lemenad

How much
is that lemenad.

I hope it is a nekl.
Yes it is
Then here
it is.

The Shoe Stor

I want hiy hels.
no you can't.
I want sparkly shoes.
no you can't.
I want flip flops.
no you can't.
I want sandls.
no you can't.
I want snekers.
yes you can.

Qwelts (Quilts)

Qwelts Qwelts
Why do I have to
have Qwelts?
They make me
They make me
So why
do we have
to have qwelts.

The Old Old Hat

Why do i have
to were that
old old hat
Isn't it old?
I no but your
school is having a
old old hat party.

My Baby

Your having
a baby. you can't
you can't. you will
ferget about me
no I won't.

Flower in the Garden

I have to plant
flowers in the
garden. Planting
stuf is so much

Amerjensy Exit (Emergency Exit)

Where is a amerjensy
exit? There is
a fire so where
is the amerjensy

I wish I could include the art for this poem. It shows a streak of black humor. There is a picture of an emergency exit with a big fire blocking the door. When I asked her to explain her picture she said "I wanted to make it funny."

Did I mention she is prolific?

Note: Skye is reading this post as I write and is quite pleased that she is now published on the web:-) I asked her about the meaning of her poems (My baby is quite disturbing!) and she said "I just make them up."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deep Thoughts By Rachel

Rachel has been saying the funniest things lately. I can tell she is thinking very hard about many different topics. Some of the questions she asks are just hilarious. The hardest part is that I can't laugh because they are serious questions!

This morning:
"Mom, if you were a living piece of bread what would you do if someone was going to make toast?"