Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last Sunday our Bishop announced a special adult stake meeting for this coming Sunday night. There have been confirmed rumors for a few months that our ward will split (at Stake Conference the Stake President said that they would be forming a new ward sometime this year). Now the rumors will be a reality this Sunday. Potentially four things could happen:
Our ward could remain largely intact
Our ward could be drastically divided and we would remain with our current Bishop
Our ward could be drastically divided and we would get a new Bishop
Some other option that we can't even imagine

There. I should be right with at least one of those options;-)

Although I know perfectly well what's going to happen's going to happen, ("Just make sure it doesn't happen to you." Name THAT movie if you can!) I found myself awake last night thinking about change. Specifically the fact that by Sunday night both Paul and I could be released from our callings. I think I have always assumed that Paul would get called right back as Scoutmaster (you don't take a good Scoutmaster for granted). But last night I faced the idea that he has been in the calling for 8 years and maybe someone will think it is time for a change (insert laughter here- I know this is a long shot but it could happen).

The thing that surprised me was not how happy I was, but how sad. As time consuming and challenging as being a Scoutmaster is (or on my part the Scoutmaster's wife), Paul has loved the calling. I especially have loved the last three months when Joseph has finally been able to go camping with Paul.

So, Sunday night we might both be out of callings (I will mourn my calling- RS 4th Sunday teacher- which I have only had for 5 months) or just as likely, we may still have our same callings. Or quite possibly (as my Mom suggested) Paul will be called again as Scoutmaster but start his 10 year (tenure)over in the new ward!

We are excited and sad and a lot of other emotions. If it is time for the Scoutmaster portion of our life to be over (for a time- I have a feeling this is a calling that will haunt me for many years) we will happily hand over the trailer, the canoes, the cook stoves, the leftover equipment, the full cupboard of records, the troopmaster login, the blue cards, the merit badge books . . . Hmmm maybe I won't be as sad about the change as I think;-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Across the Counter

Everyday I face these three across the kitchen counter. They like to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ramen, apples, bananas, and cinnamon toast. Today two of them chose leftover pizza.
I grew up in a family with all blue eyes- which I loved. However, I must admit I also love the mixture in my little family. Paul has hazel, I have blue, Joseph has hazel (bright green when he is mad), Rachel has hazel (bright green when she cries), Skye has hazel, Adrie has blue, Katie has blue, and Nathan has brown. For the record, I don't really know what color eyes Paul, JT, Rachel, and Skye have- I just use hazel to describe their brown/green/ gold/ chameleon eyes.