Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh how I love him

After years of hair and dolls and hair and drama (which I love- I am not complaining- just stating a fact), the change to little boy is so fun.  Maybe because he is our baby and maybe because of his eyes (have you seen them?), but this little man is a delight every day.  He is very high energy, very much in love with dinosaurs, very much in love with tractors.  Frequently, he has his Hi-Yah (sword built out of legos) stuck down the back of his shirt.  Last Sunday he obviously needed a wrench also.  Because you never know when you might need a wrench. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When Paul was little

He had nightmares that the mountains just east of his house were volcanic.  We joke that he should have been more worried that they would crumble in an earthquake.  Today as I watch this out my window, I am wondering if perhaps his dreams are coming true.

I watched the first drift of smoke and thought "oh, no- not our beautiful American Fork canyon" * (Paul proposed to me up that canyon!).  Now the drift is a scary plume and it doesn't look good.  Cross your fingers that there are some trees left when this fire is done!

This picture was taken 5 minutes after the one above- the change in the smoke plume gives you an idea how fast the fire is growing.
*PS Paul just got home and informed me I had my canyons wrong- the fire is burning up the canyon behind alpine- so American Fork is safe for now!