Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Copy Cat

I am a copy cat. The benefit I see from being a copy cat is that you appear much more talented than you actually are!

We have two birthdays in May- Skye and Nathan. Skye wanted a chocolate, vanilla, strawberry cake this year.
I was excited to try out a cake that I had seen several times online. I saw it here originally, then my sister posted her beautiful cake here. Another sister showed me that color mist works wonders.

Skye's cake was fun to make and I learned a few things along the way. My flowers turned out better when the frosting was chilled (not too cold to work with, but still a little more set up). I also learned that the flowers are not as easy as they look. There is definitely a learning curve. Luckily I made so much cake that I had leftover batter that I made into cupcakes. The cupcakes were my trial run, but I was still learning when I started on the cake.

Happy 8th Birthday to my sweet Skye. What would we ever do without you?